[GE users] looking for feedback: new web interface to qstat based on XML to HTML transform

Ron Chen ron_chen_123 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 26 03:17:41 BST 2005

Hi Chris,

I am getting a blank page, is it because of the
SGE6.0u3 segfault bug? And, why does one segfault
cause the page to go blank, shouldn't qstat be called
once in a while?

I am traveling till end of this week. I can reproduce
another problem you send to the dev list last week. I
will take a look at it if no one else is available to
debug it.


--- Chris Dagdigian <dag at sonsorol.org> wrote:
> Hello,
> A few people already know about this but I'm now at
> the point where the 
> code seems to be approaching "possible usefullness."
> I've been working on a web interface for SGE 'qstat'
> that relies on the 
> XML coming from the "qstat -xml" option rather than
> the usual "parse and 
>   apply HTML tags to plaintext outout" that I used
> to do in the past.
> This new interface has the following advantages:
> o all HTML generated automatically by XSLT transform
> via XSL stylesheets
> o In the future we can make the browser do the XSLT
> transform, It is 
> done it server-side now for convenience & speed of
> development. When 
> this is working the end result will be a web
> interface to SGE qstat with 
> relatively little in the way of server-side
> requirements.
> o If you hover the mouse over the queue state
> column, a popup will 
> explain the reason for any queue alarm states. I can
> do the same for job 
> status codes but have not got around to coding it
> yet.
> o The CGI can make dynamic "google style" javascript
> xmlhttprequest() 
> calls back to the qmaster in order to fetch
> interesting data that is not 
> part of qstat output. Currently I've added the
> ability to:
>   - view qmaster messages
>   - view scheduler messages
>   - view execd messages
>   - view all queue instance resources/complex values
> This is actually the most useful thing for me right
> now as I can do 
> first-pass SGE debugging within a browser window (no
> more digging around 
> manually in $SGE_ROOT poking at spool logs).
> The interface has the following disadvantage:
> o Abusing the the heck out of DHTML|XHTML and CSS.
> This interface will 
> not work at all unless you use a modern browser that
> capably handles 
> javascript and CSS stylesheets. Some of the stuff I
> *really* want to do 
> requires XPath2 and CSS2 support so I'm guessing
> there will be a 
> continual need to use the latest browser versions.
> o Will not work at all wth SGE 5.x (requires "qstat
> -xml")
> o Until SGE 6.0u4 comes out with the fix for "qstat
> -xml segfaults if 
> jobs are in error state" bug is cleared, the
> interface will "go blank" 
> if qstat segfaults during the xml status query.
> o Will not work with Internet Explorer browser. The
> problem is minor and 
> the main symptom is that the inline popups do not
> seem to show linebreaks.
> The temporary URL is here:
> Tested with: Mozilla, Firefox (Mac & Win) & Safari
> on OS X
> ** will not work with IE / Internet Explorer **
> I'm looking for:
> -- Trying to understand if this may be useful enough
> to others that I 
> should spend the time to document it up and package
> it as a standalone 
> project. Right now a version of this stuff will be
> used for my own 
> professional and personal work.  Comments on the
> overall 
> utility/usefulness along with suggestions for
> features or improvements 
> would be welcome.
> Regards,
> Chris
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