[GE users] looking for feedback: new web interface to qstat based on XML to HTML transform

Sean Dilda agrajag at dragaera.net
Tue Apr 26 18:47:17 BST 2005

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Chris Dagdigian wrote:
> The temporary URL is here:
> http://scripps.bos.bioteam.net/xml-qstat/ss-qstat.cgi
> Tested with: Mozilla, Firefox (Mac & Win) & Safari on OS X
> ** will not work with IE / Internet Explorer **
> I'm looking for:
> -- Trying to understand if this may be useful enough to others that I 
> should spend the time to document it up and package it as a standalone 
> project. Right now a version of this stuff will be used for my own 
> professional and personal work.  Comments on the overall 
> utility/usefulness along with suggestions for features or improvements 
> would be welcome.

This looks nice.  I actually had a user forward me your post to 
bioclusters list as he thought it was a really good idea.

I wonder if you've given any thought to how this will work on larger 
clusters.  My cluster has over 300 hosts in SGE and over 500 queues 
(going bye the <queuename>@<hostname> convention).  As such, it'd mean 
users would have to scroll through 500 lines of queue info before they 
got to the job info part.

Also, where does it get the execd information from?  Does it require the 
execds have their spool directories on NFS?  If so, is there any easy 
way to disable the execd functionality for those of us who use local 
spooling for execds?



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