[GE users] looking for feedback: new web interface to qstat based on XML to HTML transform

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Tue Apr 26 19:16:22 BST 2005

Based on feedback and suggestions I've already recieved (thanks!) it is 
clear that I need to start the process of documenting it and packaging 
it up.

The tentative plan was to wait until SGE 6.0u4 comes out in which the 
bug that causes "qstat -xml -f" to segfault when jobs are in error state 
"E" has been fixed. This would also give me time to set up a proper SVN 
code repository and mini mailing list.

If people want to get hands on with the code right away I can make my 
(sloppy & embarassing) perl cgi source available as well. All you would 
then need to do on the webserver is find or install an XSLT engine that 
does the transformation.

Longer term I don't think the existing .cgi files are worth keeping 
around other than for development simplicity and portability. There are 
better application frameworks for web apps that make heavy use of XML 
and XSLT already out there (see http://xml.apache.org etc.)

To keep this mailing list on-topic, please email me directly if you want 
the perl source for the xml-qstat cgi's. I'll create a small mailing 
list for discussion/help (*) and will do a quick pass through to correct 
any horrible documentation issues. I'd especially enjoy help from people 
who can make the CGI's more secure against hostile http-post input as 
well as webdesign-savvy folks who may be able to clear up the CSS 
display issue on IE browsers.


(*) Just created the mailing list. Info is at this URL:

H.T. Wei wrote:

> Chris,
> Is it possible that the script is open for download?
> The web interface is so impressive!!

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