[GE users] How to install submit host for SGE 6.0u3

Pacey, Mike m.pacey at lancaster.ac.uk
Thu Apr 28 11:53:00 BST 2005

I've successfully installed SGE 6.0u3 on a cluster here, with a qmaster
and a number of execution nodes, but now I'd like to install the
software on a separate submission host. Looking through the
documentation, it's not clear to me how to do that.

The pre-packaged binaries come with install scripts with options for
master, shadow master and execution hosts, but no option for just a
submission host.

I've tried simply untarring the common and platform-specific tarfiles,
and then mounting the master's <CELL>/common directory into the correct
place, and added the submission node on the master, but qstat times out
with the error:

failed receiving gdi request

Is there a recommended method for a submit host install?



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