[GE users] Cells, Queues , Complexes and access

Yogesh Bhanu yogesh at gsf.de
Fri Apr 29 12:39:56 BST 2005

Hi ,
      Before I proceed with my question .I will try and explain what I 'm trying 
to acheive . We have a small linux Opteron cluster. Right now all are running in 
cluster queue setup  .
'cause of a specific inhouse requirments. we want to split the cluster so that 
one group can use a part of cluster and when this group is not using the 
resources then it is open to all.

Secondly we have lot of linux x86 boxes(user ws) which we want to integrate into 
this setup .
I plan to to set up local spool to reduce nfs thrashing .

question time .
We are using sge  6u3 .

Should I setup multiple queues for splitting the cluster ?
Should I setup different cells for integrating user ws ?
If yes how do I do it ?
Can I use one sge master 'cause user workstations have different binary path
compared to the cluster ?
Finally cluster access . we want to permit user access but restrict it to see 
the status of jobs and/or let modify few things  .
  We dont want people to start interactive job sessions ?

Thanks in advance,

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