[GE users] high CPU load for sge_qmaster

Sean Dilda agrajag at dragaera.net
Fri Apr 29 17:26:42 BST 2005

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Stephan Grell - Sun Germany - SSG - Software Engineer wrote:
> You are right, there are no jobs in the system. Could you monitor the 
> qping output? Is the MT: allways that low?
> If there is nothing to do, I would except higher times than 0.4.
> When the system is idel, as yours are, the number should be similar to;:
> EDT:R(x) ~0.9
> TET:R(x) > 1
> MT:R(x) > 1
> Do you know what triggers this behavior?
> What operating system are you using?

I ran qping with '-i 10 -f' for a while.  EDT seemed to bounce around, 
always > 0.00 and < 1.00.   TET bounced around, just as likely to be 
above 1 as below it.  And MT stayed at 0.04 the whole time.  This system 
is running CentOS 3, which is essentially RHEL3.

I have a much smaller test cluster running the same OS and the same SGE 
binaries.  Although at one point I spent a good amount of time trying to 
reproduce this there, I've been unable to reproduce the problem on the 
test cluster.  I've tried all the configuration options I could think 
of.  The same qping command on that box tended to have a similar EDT to 
my big cluster.  The TET bounced around a bit, but was almost always 
above 1.  It had an MT that bounced around as well, but tended to stay 
under 1 the whole time.

It looks like some jobs did exit on my big cluster while I was doing 
this.   I know for certain that no jobs were submitted or even running 
on my test cluster during this.

I really have no idea what triggers this.  My big cluster has been in 
this state for most of a month.  I tried to restart sge_qmaster a couple 
of times to see if it would go away, but that never worked.

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