[GE users] Cells, Queues , Complexes and access

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Fri Apr 29 18:51:52 BST 2005

I kept some notes during the setup of a department-based functional 
sharing scheme with Grid Engine 6.x - it allows you to carve up 
resources on a percentage bases between groups of people (all of whom 
get the full cluster when things are idle)



Yogesh Bhanu wrote:
> Hi ,
>      Before I proceed with my question .I will try and explain what I 'm 
> trying to acheive . We have a small linux Opteron cluster. Right now all 
> are running in one
> cluster queue setup  .
> 'cause of a specific inhouse requirments. we want to split the cluster 
> so that one group can use a part of cluster and when this group is not 
> using the resources then it is open to all.
> Secondly we have lot of linux x86 boxes(user ws) which we want to 
> integrate into this setup .
> I plan to to set up local spool to reduce nfs thrashing .
> question time .
> We are using sge  6u3 .
> Should I setup multiple queues for splitting the cluster ?
> Should I setup different cells for integrating user ws ?
> If yes how do I do it ?
> Can I use one sge master 'cause user workstations have different binary 
> path
> compared to the cluster ?
> Finally cluster access . we want to permit user access but restrict it 
> to see the status of jobs and/or let modify few things  .
>  We dont want people to start interactive job sessions ?

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