[GE users] [ANNOUNCE] SGE Integration packages for Globus Toolkit 4 now available

Shane Canon canon at nersc.gov
Fri Apr 29 20:18:48 BST 2005

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What is the license for the package?  The folks who maintain the Virtual 
Data Toolkit (VDT), which is used by many large collaborations, wanted 
to include the jobmanager for SGE (from LeSC) in their toolkit, but they 
had a difficult time getting clarifcation on the license.  Until they 
know that they are free to distribute it, they had to leave it out of 
the toolkit.  It would be good to have clear answer on this, so that 
when they move to GT4 in VDT, they can package this component too.


Dan Gruhn wrote:

> Melvin,
> I'm quite interested in working with Globus once you folks get 
> synchronized.  Please let the list know when and where the 
> consolidated information becomes available.
> Thanks,
> Dan
> On Fri, 2005-04-29 at 12:38, Melvin Koh wrote:
>>I think we will need to sync up with the LeSC Team on the changes in the
>>job manager script. It will be quite confusing if we have two
>>different script floating around. Thank you so much for your help.
>>On Fri, 29 Apr 2005, Ron Chen wrote:
>>> First of all, thanks!!
>>> And I have 2 questions for you:
>>> 1) Melvin sent to the list about the SGE-Globus
>>> integration done by GTRC. That one is based on yours
>>> with some bugs fixed, and new features added.
>>> //_http://gridengine.sunsource.net/servlets/ReadMsg?list=users&msgNo=10807_ <http://gridengine.sunsource.net/servlets/ReadMsg?list=users&msgNo=10807>
>>> Does your new version include his fixes?
>>> 2) Also, any chance we can get the integration into
>>> the standard globus distribution on their webpage?
>>> --- David McBride <dwm at doc.ic.ac.uk> wrote:
>>> > Hello all,
>>> > 
>>> > I would like to announce the availability of SGE
>>> > integration packages
>>> > for Globus Toolkit 4.  These packages allow the
>>> > WS-GRAM service provided
>>> > with the Globus Toolkit distribution to run
>>> > submitted jobs on a Sun Grid
>>> > Engine cluster.
>>> > 
>>> > Please see
>>> > _http://www.lesc.ic.ac.uk/projects/SGE-GT4.html_ for
>>> > more
>>> > details.
>>> > 
>>> > Cheers,
>>> > David/

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