[GE users] odd problem in new installation

Josh Brandt jbrandt at WPI.EDU
Fri Dec 2 15:57:30 GMT 2005

I had to reinstall gridengine (6.0u6) from source the other day, and now I
find that it's not working quite right.

When jobs are submitted, they appear to run as they should, but when they're
done (and I've been testing this with a really simple "sleep 20" script),
they generate an error and throw the queue into error state, stopping queue
processing. The seemingly-finished jobs also don't then leave the queue, but
go back into pending jobs.

qstat -j [jobnumber] has this error at the bottom:

error reason    1:          12/02/2005 10:52:52 [0:410]: can't get
configuration value for "enable_addgrp_kill"

I can't find anything about "enable_addgrp_kill" anywhere...

Can anyone give me any idea of where this is going wrong? 


jbrandt at wpi.edu
Senior Unix Systems Administrator
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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