[GE users] Scheduling question

Goncalo Borges goncalo at lip.pt
Wed Dec 7 19:14:04 GMT 2005

Dear All,

Maybe you can help me and advice me with the following situation:

Imagine that I have two execution hosts, each one owned by two 
different groups. If the machines are not loaded, any user from 
any of the two groups can run jobs in both machines. 

Now imagine that at a given time, a user from group A submits 4 jobs:
	- one will run on machine owned by group A;
	- one will run on machine owned by group B;
	- The other two will be on hold.

Some time later, a user from group B submits a job. I would like to know 
if the following situation is possible with SGE, without any further input
(priority, deadtime, etc...) from the user or administrator:

	- If the machine from group A is the first one to become
        available, one of the two jobs from user A which were on 
        hold must pass to the running status in that machine. 

	- If the machine from group B is the first one to become
        available, the job from user B must pass to the run status 
	in that machine, although there are two pending jobs from 
        user A waiting for a longer time. 

This situation is somehow a pre-requisite in my home institute.
Different groups contribute to a global computing center. A given 
group doesn't mind "borrowing" some machines to other group if they 
are not being used. However, starting from the moment they submit 
jobs, they want to have full priority on the machines they own.

Thanks in advance for your replies,	

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