[GE users] Two questions

Ivan R. Judson judson at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Dec 12 17:25:28 GMT 2005


Ok, I'm back. Here are my two remaining issues:


1)       Transfer Queues: I have a transfer queue setup, however, the
transfer_start.sh script fails with the following error: cell directory
doesn't exist. It's looking for the *remote* cell directory (apparently on
the local machine).

Are the scripts that are on the site just out of date? 

2)       On an entirely different cluster, running SGE 5.3p6, I can't get
the exec hosts to run. The rcsge script, invoking the execd, gives this

critical error: can't enroll to commd: RESOLVING PROBLEM


I've read over the list archives a bunch, hostname resolving works great
both directions to/from the exec host/qmaster host. I'm baffled at what
could be causing this.



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