[GE users] Many "Job ... Continued" Messages

Jonathan T Zink jtzink at raytheon.com
Tue Dec 13 15:24:32 GMT 2005


First, thank you for the group's help in solving another problem I had 
with GridEngine.  This community is clearly committed to helping others...

I have a (perhaps) interesting problem:

I have been submitting jobs with qsub option "-m aes". Each night the same 
set of tests are submitted -- this has been working successfully for 
several months.

However, I am now receiving 10k+ emails nightly of the form "Job <id#> 
(<job name>) Continued".   These occur about 2/minute (irregular both by 
job and time) and are associated with 5 to 10 different jobs at a time 
(there are >100 jobs running).  It doesn't appear to be the application 
because the night-to-night emails are associated with different submitted 
jobs and most of the jobs run without issue.  It also doesn't appear to be 
from any particular queue or machine -- >20 machines have been affected 
from 5 different queues.

Any thoughts on the problem?  Network? Time sync?  The IT guys have 
assured me that they have not made any changes lately....

Thanks in advance for your help,

Jonathan Zink
Raytheon Missile Systems
520.489.0742 pager
jtzink at raytheon.com

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