[GE users] Strange behaviour with '-sync y' (6.0u6)

Olesen, Mark Mark.Olesen at arvinmeritor.com
Wed Dec 14 12:41:23 GMT 2005

I am encountering some strange, or at least non-intuitive, behaviour when
using the '-sync y' option.

I expected submitting with '-sync y' and '-now n' (implicitly or explicitly)
would cause the qsub to block until the job can run.
Assuming that I request many more licenses than I have
$ qsub -sync y -l gtpower=10 ... 

Unable to run job: warning: no suitable queues
your job 17820 ("gtpower -d db -m off -x 65406 -c 1-4 4cyl") has been

Fiddling with '-now y|n' seems to have no effect.
Interestingly enough, even if I want to start my job sometime in the future:

$ qsub -sync y -now y -l gtpower=10 -a 12241200 ...

It exhibits the same behaviour.
The behaviour would look like '-now y' is always being specified.
I don't remember this sort of behaviour with 6.0u4 ... have I discovered a

Does anyone have a clever workaround?


Dr. Mark Olesen
Principal Engineer Thermofluids Analysis
ArvinMeritor Light Vehicle Systems
ArvinMeritor Emissions Technologies GmbH
Biberbachstr. 9
D-86154 Augsburg, GERMANY 

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