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Andreas Haas Andreas.Haas at Sun.COM
Wed Dec 14 15:21:54 GMT 2005

On Wed, 14 Dec 2005, Michael Green wrote:

> Sorry about another basic question:
> How should I setup GE, so that users with high memory requirements
> will be able to request X megabytes of free physical memory (RAM) for
> their jobs and receive it?
> Situation:
> Exec node with 4 CPUs and 2G RAM (+4G swap) runs 4 jobs
> 1. Matlab - 300M
> 2. Matlab - 400M
> 3. Matlab - 200M
> 4. Matlab - 300M
> ---------------------
> Total:      1200M
> Now comes user and qsub's a job for which 1800M need to be reserved
> prior to its execution.

You can use Grid Engine resource reservation (RR) capability to solve
that problem. For RR however you need to configure a related resource
as *consumable* resource.

> What resource the user must request? h_vmem? free_mem? Should I change
> exec host configuration to make sucj requests possible?

Since jobs memory consumption is monitored by Grid Engine based on 'h_vmem'
request I recommend to configure it as a consumable and use

   complex_values h_vmem=2G

on a per host basis.

> I've read all of the Admin  and User Guides and I still fill very
> confused. For example,
> in the User Guide on page 64 there is an example of resource request:
> qsub -l arch=solaris64,h_vmem=750M,permas=1 permas.sh
> does this h_vmem request takes into account current memory usage
> pattern on the execution host(s)? Or is this simply reuqest to find a
> host with at least 'that much' memory installed?

If 'h_vmem' is a host consumable Grid Engine does resource bookkeeping for
each job.

More information about RR is available under



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