[GE users] Problem with Complexes and disabling queues

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Wed Dec 14 21:07:05 GMT 2005


Am 14.12.2005 um 17:22 schrieb Richard Hobbs:

> Hello,
> We have various queues configured on various hosts. Each host has a  
> complex
> setup as a consumable resource, named "mem_slot". The value of  
> "mem_slot" is
> 4. Basically, we have many queues on each machine, but only 4 CPUs,  
> and this
> consumable is therefore designed to stop too many jobs running on  
> one host.
> Each queue (using 'qconf -mq queuename') then has a value for  
> "mem_slot",
> which is 1.
> Also, each submitted job uses "-l mem_slot=1" to requests one  
> mem_slot.
> This works fine.
> However, if I disable a queue with a running job in order to stop  
> more jobs
> being submitted to this queue, it releases the mem_slot, and 5th  
> job will
> enter the machine even if the previous jobs are all still running.
> It's almost as if disabling a queue releases the resources even  
> though the
> job is still active and running.
> This seems like a bug...
> Can anyone confirm having seen this? Is there a fix? Is there a  
> workaround?

we are also using complexes, but I don't see this behavior in u6  
(which is your version?). Can you check this by issuing:

qhost -h <nodename> -F

But anyway, you don't need this mem_slot at all I think. If I  
understand you in the correct way, you could just attach the default  
complex "slots" to your exec nodes with a value set to 4.

Cheers - Reuti

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