[GE users] "cannot execute binary file"

Paul Smith pas50 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Dec 19 10:19:57 GMT 2005

Reuti wrote:
> well, in case of an intermediate shell the things are working, but  not 
> running it directly. What were the $PATH and other environment  settings 
> at the time the execd was started on the node? 

Possible but if so it is consistent accross 64 nodes.

>Maybe there  was 
> something (not correctly) defined, and it will be overridden by a  
> started shell, but inherited by a direct execution? - Reuti

sgeadmin has the same PATH

> BTW: I'd suggest not to put /opt/mpich/ch-p4/bin and /usr/local/lam/ bin 
> at once in the PATH, as only the MPICH-version will be found for  mpirun 
> I think. 

The mpirun the users get is actually the one in /usr/local/bin.
I wish I did not need two mpi environments but I spent two months trying 
to get an application Rmpi to use mpich and having failed installed LAM 
which it had been written for.

>Are you replacing the PATH there completely, instead  of 
> extending it, as the definition of $TMPDIR is missing there (which  you 
> would need for a Tight Integration of parallel jobs)?

Yes we are replacing the PATH. We find problems easier to debug if we 
always set the users PATH to something 'reasonable'.

I am trying to get tight integration to work but I can't do so until I 
can get rsh to work.


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