[GE users] qmake: "waiting for child failed: timeout"

Joachim Gabler Joachim.Gabler at Sun.COM
Tue Dec 20 11:59:26 GMT 2005

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Jan Behrend wrote:

>I am using sge 6.0u7 and have the default PE like this:
>$ qconf -sp make
>pe_name           make
>slots             999
>user_lists        NONE
>xuser_lists       NONE
>start_proc_args   NONE
>stop_proc_args    NONE
>allocation_rule   $round_robin
>control_slaves    TRUE
>job_is_first_task FALSE
>urgency_slots     min
>When I test the PE with the following qmake command on the standard
>gnupg sources everything looks fine until I get the following error:
>The environment (PATH, etc.) is setup correctly (I hope).
>gnupg-1.4.1$ qmake -verbose -cwd -l arch=lx24-x86 -pe make 2 -- 2>&1
If you start qmake with the -verbose option, you will see messages like the
waiting for child failed: timeout
This just means that qmake waited for the termination of a child (with a 
certain timeout), and
the child didn't finish before the timeout. This is normal behaviour, 
just a verbose message.

>gcc: -c: line 2: syntax error: unexpected end of file
This is a build error.
Is this reproducable?
It would be interesting to see the qmake output before the error 
message, where it dumps the commandline used to build the target fileutil.o.
This might be a Makefile issue, e.g. with a rule for the target spawning 
multiple lines (without backslash at the end of the line), there are 
some examples for qmake problems in the qmake man page.

Best regards,


>/opt/sge-root/utilbin/lx24-x86/rsh exited with exit code 0
>reading exit code from shepherd ... 2
>qmake[2]: *** [fileutil.o] Error 2
>qmake[2]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
>waiting for child failed: timeout
>When I look at the output a little further up there are more of the
>"waiting for child failed: timeout" statements.
>The first one looks like this:
>local configuration beowulf.beowulf.iri.mpifr-bonn.mpg.de not defined -
>using global configuration
>waiting for interactive job to be scheduled ...
>Your interactive job 761 has been successfully scheduled.
>Establishing /opt/sge-root/utilbin/lx24-amd64/rsh session to host
>atom403.beowulf.iri.mpifr-bonn.mpg.de ...
>sge_argv[0] = qmake
>sge_argv[1] = -inherit
>sge_argv[2] = -verbose
>sge_argv[3] = -cwd
>sge_argv[4] = -l
>sge_argv[5] = arch=lx24-x86
>gmake_argv[0]  = qmake
>determine qmake startmode
>inserting -j option from NSLOTS environment: -j 2
>sge hostfile = /opt/sge-root/iri/spool/irisrv2/active_jobs/761.1/pe_hostfile
>qmake  hostfile = /tmp/761.1.workstations/qmake_hostfile
>qmake  lockfile = /tmp/761.1.workstations/qmake_lockfile
>creating qmake hostfile
>number of slots for qmake execution is 2
>enabling next task to be executed as Grid Engine parallel task
>qmake  all-recursive
>export the following environment variables:
>detected recursive make - starting on local machine
>waiting for child failed: timeout
>starting job:
>Does anyone have an idea?
>Cheers Jan Behrend

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