[GE users] Jobs for cluster management?

DGS dgs at gs.washington.edu
Fri Dec 23 18:25:17 GMT 2005

On Fri, Dec 23, 2005 at 05:30:00PM +0000, Jon Lockley wrote:
> I'm not suggesting that SGE should be integrated with any cluster
> management system - as you say there are too many. All I'm suggesting is
> the ability to run a script once on every node with priority over user
> jobs. What's in the script depends on your OS and cluster management
> software. And yes, this can be done with a monitoring script and qmod -d,
> but it seems like a common and useful task so is it worth doing it
> "neatly" in SGE?

Couldn't you do this with "urgency" policies?  Never used them myself,
so I don't know exactly how they work.  It seems to me that by fiddling
with prioritzation and urgency you should be able to make your management

	qsub -q some_q at some_host management.sh

jump ahead of any other jobs.

David S.


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