[GE users] SGE6.0u3 and consumable resources

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Tue Feb 1 09:05:56 GMT 2005


please file an issue in Issuezilla.


> Hello Andy,
>>> I think I have found the next little bug in sge6.0u3.
>>> I have configured a resource
>>> #name         shortcut   type relop requestable consumable default 
>>> urgency
>>> #--------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
>>> sw_turbomole  turbomole  INT  <=    YES         YES         0        0
>>> This resource is set to infinity for the global exec host .
>> does it mean that in the global host you have a setting
>>    complex_values   sw_turbomole=infinity
>> and the job is submitted with
>>    qsub -l sw_turbomole=1 ....
> Yes.
>>> If I submit a job which requests this resource, the job is not 
>>> scheduled.
>>> If I changed this resource to a non consumable ressource, then the job 
>>> is scheduled.
>> What't the
>>    qstat -j <jid>
> Is attached in file turbomoletest.qstat .
> When I set up the command "qstat -j <jid>", there were more than enough free 
> ressources
> available.
>> output for that job.
>> An infinity setting makes no sense for a consumables resource start value
>> (actually I think it should be forbidden or a warning should be issued), 
>> but
>> since infinity minus one is still infinity I think the job should be
>> scheduled.
> Yes, I know that it make s no sense, but it is possible to define it.
> We have a long list of software ressources. Some of them are not consumable 
> but the
> bigger part are consumable software ressources. The definition of these 
> ressources are
> very similar. So it is easy to make such a definition and at the moment it is 
> hard to find.
> It seems that the problem only occurs if the job requests a parallel 
> environment, too.
> Andrea

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