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Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Thu Feb 3 23:33:53 GMT 2005

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Quoting "Marconnet, James E Mr /Computer Sciences Corporation" 
<james.marconnet at smdc.army.mil>:


> We users are all friends, and we want to keep it that way. But we all have
> our own work to get done. We want to keep it somewhat simple using several
> different (primary and secondary) ques that the users would routinely
> submit
> to, rather than having a lot of job-specific user input required when
> submitting each individual job. Ideally just pick your que based on who you
> are and whether your job is long- or short-running. And perhaps have a
> lower-priority que for the jobs you want to run, but when you are not up
> against a deadline.

this is an interesting approach. If you have only a really few fixed 
applications, it may be a solution to put the job script (which is fixed and 
setup by the administrator) in a startup method of a queue. You have a job of 
type x - submit to queue x. And the mentioned script in the qsub command is 
just the input file to the program. But this is an advanced setup.

> I am especially struggling with understanding and the interations between
> "nice", "priorities", "load_thresholds", "subordinate list", and
> "over-subscribing". These are all in the Sun documentation and have been
> discussed here at length, but so far I've not been able to put it all
> together into something coherent.
> And I keep seeing references to things like: sched-conf(5) manpage, but
> have
> no idea what they are talking about or where to find this, much less how to
> set it.

It's a reference to the man pages, which are most likely already installed, 
when you have SGE already running. Try: man sched_conf  But to "nice" and 
"load_thresholds", you'll need some insight to the used operating system. E.g. 
for Linux you may look at IBM Developer documentation 101: 

Cheers - Reuti

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