[GE users] BDB spooling with NFSv4

Ron Chen ron_chen_123 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 4 14:02:21 GMT 2005

--- Roland Dittel <Roland.Dittel at Sun.COM> wrote:
> > Moving the database to another platform should be possible by doing a 
> > backup (db_dump) and restore (db_load).
> That works. It was possible to switch the qmaster from Solaris 10 AMD64 
> to Solaris 10 Sparc64.

BTW, can someone benchmark how long it takes?

Hmm, and may be we can add some scripts to do the work automatically when
qmaster migrates to a different architecture.

However, IMO people with small clusters don't usually use Berkeley DB
spooling, and for larger clusters that do, they will likely have a large
number of machines on the same platform, so the problem is not there in
the first place :)


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