[GE users] failed searching requested shell sge6 u3 drmaa

Fred L Youhanaie fly at anydata.co.uk
Mon Feb 7 10:23:11 GMT 2005

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Hi Ron,

This is on 6.0u1 courtesy binaries on a linux x86. FC2, 2.6.9.

I can reproduce the problem with the howto2.c in 
$SGE_ROOT/examples/drmaa. Copy the file to a local directory, compile, 
create a .sge_request file with '-b no' and '-shell yes' and run it. It 
is this submit process (howto2) that segfaults.

The segfault occurs in drmaa_run_job, and more specifically in 
parse_script_file (gdb shows somewhere inside fopen!) The crash occurs 
whether the script file, sleeper.sh, exists or not.

However, if I set SGE_DRMAA_ALLOW_CWD and '-cwd' everything works fine!

I'll dig deeper and report back.


Ron Chen wrote:
> --- Fred L Youhanaie <fly at anydata.co.uk> wrote:
>>However, trying to pass '-b no' to the drmaa job, either via the 
>>native_specifications attribute or ~/.sge_request causes the drmaa 
>>process to segfault!! '-shell yes' is OK, but one needs both options.
> I can't reproduce the problem, so may be you can provide more detail?
> - which version of SGE are you using?
> - can you reduce the C program a bit and post it here?
> - by "the drmaa process to segfault", you mean the submit process, not the job?
> - and the platform you are on?
>  -Ron

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