[GE users] confused about queues

Jean-Marc Lachaine jjlachai at lakeheadu.ca
Mon Feb 7 17:09:15 GMT 2005

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I am running a small (8 dual processor nodes) cluster using Rocks and SGE
5.3.x  I have read the SGE manual, the man pages and have searched the
archives but I still do not understand things well enough to be able to
figure out how I would implement 2 queues that would encompass all of the
available predefined queues that are already set up on each compute node.

What I would like is to define a long and a short queue. Each queue would
include, say 4, of the available nodes and would be mutually exclusive. For

long.q would have access to compute-0-0 to compute-0-3
short.q would have access to compute-0-4 to compute-0-7

Each node currently has a compute-0-n.q queue defined each with 2 slots.

My best guess as to how to accomplish this, based on my understanding of
what I read is to select one of my execution hosts, say, compute-0-0 and
define a second queue on it which, based on my example, I would call long.q
then I subordinate the compute-0-n.q n=(0,...,3) to long.q.

Does this make sense? Is there something I missed in the manual that
explains clearly how to crate two queues that would span a total of 8
execution hosts? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jean-Marc Lachaine

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