[GE users] Long delay when submitting large jobs

Rayson Ho raysonho at eseenet.com
Mon Feb 7 20:24:04 GMT 2005

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>My problem (I think) has nothing to do with the PE being
>tight or loose.  The problem is that when migrating between
>'qw' and 't', the server talks to every node (when control_slaves is
>TRUE).  During this time, the server cannot respond to other
>requests for information, like qsub.  The server shouldn't block.

But qmaster needs to start the rshds on the remote nodes, so if you have a
1024-node MPI job, qmaster needs to iterate 1024 times to contact the

When loose integration is the case, control_slaves should be false, and
qmaster doesn't need to do that. (and value of "control_slaves" is the only
difference between tight and loose PE from qmaster's point of view)

>Isn't the rshd process captured when there is a call to rsh
>or ssh?  That is when the job script is running.  The problem
>is prior to that.

But you still need someone to start the rshd, and remember they are not the
normal rshds, they are "SGE-enabled". And that someone is the shepherd,
which is started by execd. And execd itself doesn't know when to start the
shepherd/rshd, so qmaster needs to contact each execd, and that's why
qmaster sort of hangs when you have a large job.


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