[GE users] Long delay when submitting large jobs

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Mon Feb 7 22:03:26 GMT 2005

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Quoting Rayson Ho <raysonho at eseenet.com>:

> >you mean because it's just mentioned on the mpiexec page (version 0.77)?
> >- the LAM/MPI patch is a little bit out of date and for 6.5.8 
> >(current 7.1.1 - is it still working?).
> No, the current LAM-PBS integration (for LAM 7.x) doesn't use mpiexec, but
> LAM directly calls the TM API.

Aha, if I got it correctly you will still call lamboot which will use the TM. 
Then use some times mpirun, and at the end a lamhalt shouldn't be really 
necessary, as the daemons will be killed at the end of the job anyway.

> >And: you can compile MPICH2 startup in more than one way. 
> >I'm not sure, whether all are supported, as the supplied version is 
> >for a beta version of MPICH2 only.
> You can still use the TM mpiexec for MPICH2, see this mail from the author
> of the TM mpiexec --
> "mpich2 - will the real mpiexec please stand up"
> http://email.osc.edu/pipermail/mpiexec/2005/000711.html

With all types of startup methods in MPICH2? There are not only many versions 
of mpiexec in MPICH2, but also the static libraries are different - and when 
you got only a binary... But I can get access to a PBS cluster, I will look 
into it for curiosity.
> >But please keep the start_proc_args/stop_proc_args anyway, as we 
> >need special directories to be created on the slave nodes. Maybe 
> >it's personal taste, but I would still prefer setting up all the 
> >daemons for LAM/MPICH2 in start_proc_args, and the end-user can 
> >just use mpirun/mpich2-mpiexec, since all is already setup.
> Agreed, or we can use the current prolog/epilog interface...

Okay, depends. First we should see a working TM in SGE, and then decide whether 
there can anything be removed or changed in the current PE support. I think 
also of other parallel environments like Linda and TCGMSG, which can be used 
already today with SGE without any problems. And if you use the daemonless 
version of MPICH2, it's also working today.
> IMO, SGE should only take care of allocating nodes, doing job accounting,
> and killing jobs... but launching the parallel jobs should be done by a
> parallel job launcher, such as mpiexec.

It's a point of discussion: what should a "parallel job launcher" do? Maybe 
speed up the rsh/ssh calls by just mapping them to the TM (no rshd and 
following rsh to establish) - this could work with all parallel environments. 
This way you don't need a PBS-mpiexec at all (What do I overlook here? PBS has 
no shepered and therefore the handling of communication in PBS-mpiexec?), and 
this function could be built also into SGE.

Cheers - Reuti

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