[GE users] SGE and GPFS

David S. dgs at gs.washington.edu
Tue Feb 8 19:27:48 GMT 2005

>      I was wondering if anyody has got sge to work on GPFS .
> I'm setting up a test cluster system (opteron based running SLES9) using 
> GPFS as a filesystem .
> I was wondering if there are any Gotchas and/or pitfalls one should avoid.

I run SGE out of GPFS on one cluster, though I'm planning to move the
binaries out of that file system, due to stability problems.  As far as
SGE goes, GPFS seems like any other file system.  If you want to start
SGE from GPFS at boot-up, you'll need to to put the start-up command
in the script "/var/mmfs/etc/mmfsup.scr", and probably a stop command
in "/var/mmfs/etc/mmfsdown.scr".  GPFS typically won't get mounted
until a minute or two after the system's finished booting, so starting
SGE from "/etc/rc<something>.d" won't work.  The "mmfup.scr" will run
after GPFS has finally mounted.

David S.


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