[GE users] semaphore leftovers

David Farrell d-farrell2 at northwestern.edu
Wed Feb 9 22:10:05 GMT 2005

I am running into the issue where semaphores build up and create a 
situation in which uses can no longer start jobs, and on occasion, jobs 
die prematurely. The errors point to the semaphore issue and cleaning 
it manually has become a bother, as users wish to use the machine for 
testing(so abnormal exits are common). Is there any good solution to 
this problem? I have heard that making a cleanup script into a cron job 
sometimes results in jobs being killed, so I would be interested in 
other possibilities. In addition, I sometimes see a situation in which 
running the cleanipcs script as root does not clean out some of the 
semaphores. Is there any solution?

Thanks in advance,


David E. Farrell
Graduate Student
Mechanical Engineering
Northwestern University
email: d-farrell2 at northwestern.edu

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