[GE users] fairshare fairness

Mike Brown Michael.Brown at motorola.com
Fri Feb 11 00:56:20 GMT 2005

  I've got a question about fairshare under the share tree only policy. 
 I'm running 5.3p5.

Suppose two users exist, and each should have 50% cpu time.  User A's 
jobs are long, and User B's jobs are short.  If the queues are full of 
User A's jobs and User B starts submitting jobs, the share tree should 
allow 50% (suppose CF=1) of cpu time to User B.  

It seems like SGE only allocates every other job to User B (instead of 
equal cpu time).  Since B's jobs are shorter, User A still gets the 
majority of cpu time, which is unfair.  If we set CF=0, User B will 
dominate the queues until usage is balanced, which is undesirable.  If 
we set CF >> 1, we either under- or over-favor B depending on the ratio 
of A and B's job lengths.

I'd like to give user B a short term allowance of 75%, though in this 
case, giving B 75% by job is not fair.  How can this be accomplished?



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