[GE users] anyone using globus-3.9.x to connect multiple sge clusters?

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Sat Feb 12 00:04:15 GMT 2005

Hi folks,

... spent most of this week at the GlobusWorld meeting in Boston 
including the final day hands-on tutorial and the 4-hour intro primer 
(great session and one of the only ones where the speaker did not 
breathlessly describe how great something was only to later mention that 
the functions are in "alpha" state and "actually not available until GT4 
comes out...")

Even though I know it will be a monumental effort for minimal return and 
I'll end up with a "grid" that is slower, less functional and harder to 
use  than my standalone clusters I've decided that it is worth a shot 
just to see if I can jump through all the various middleware and 
metascheduling hoops.

I'm not dumping on Globus by the way, just pointing out that it is 
currently a 100-ton hammer written by and for people solving incredibly 
huge "big science" type problems.

Ideally I'd like to be able to transfer files between systems using 
GridFTP and use globus job execution commands to start jobs that can run 
successfully on either cluster.

The core bits I'll need from the globus toolkit (I think...) are:

o the security, certificate and credential handling infrasructure
o a simpleCA implementation
o a myproxy server/service
o GridFTP / RFT
o GRAM and the GRAM-SGE bindings
o The GLOBUS:: perl modules that can talk to SGE

The current plan is to place one Linux box at 2-3 different sites. Each 
box will have a public internet connection as well as a connection to a 
internal organizational network that hosts a SGE cluster. All the globus 
stuff lives on the Linux boxes and GRAM is the glue that allows globus 
to invoke jobs on SGE systems.

I'm sure this has been done with Globus Toolkit v2.x and the 
pre-webservices GRAM code. I'm interested in hearing experiences from 
people using or testing the pre-GT4 version of the toolkit.

Anyone? Any globus success stories with SGE?


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