[GE users] How to list possible queues

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Mon Feb 14 14:48:32 GMT 2005


> Anyone that knows if I can use qstat or qselect to print a list of queues 
> that exactly match the resource requirments for a qsub command?
> I need to use forced complex variables or default requests to avoid some 
> special queues from being used if not requested. The scheduler will put the 
> jobs on the right queues, but I can't find an easy way to print what 
> alternatives the scheduler will have by using qstat or qselect.

    qstat -l ....

should do the job. It doesn't consider actual load vlaues (there's an RFE
that it should be able to do it) but looking at your question I think you
don't need that. for resource requests where the relational operater is is
<, <= >, >= you will get all queues where a job also would fit in.

     % qstat -f -l h_stack=1M
     % qselect -l h_stack=1M

would print all queues which have *at least* a stack size of 1MB configured.


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