[GE users] anyone using globus-3.9.x to connect multiple sge clusters?

Melvin Koh melvin at apstc.sun.com.sg
Tue Feb 15 04:57:33 GMT 2005


I don't have a success story for you, but let me share my experiences so
far with GT3.9.x. If you download the full GT3.9.x package, it comes with
both the pre-WS and WS version of GRAM. Installation on Linux box should
be straightforward enough, and the pre-WS GRAM should work with GE.

IMHO, the pre-GT4 releases are not that ready yet. From what I've observed
from GT4 mailing list, there are users who encountered problems with
WS-GRAM (MMJF service). Also, not to mention the fact that there is still
no SGE WS-GRAM integration package for GT3.9.x yet.

On Fri, 11 Feb 2005, Chris Dagdigian wrote:

> Hi folks,
> ... spent most of this week at the GlobusWorld meeting in Boston 
> including the final day hands-on tutorial and the 4-hour intro primer 
> (great session and one of the only ones where the speaker did not 
> breathlessly describe how great something was only to later mention that 
> the functions are in "alpha" state and "actually not available until GT4 
> comes out...")
> Even though I know it will be a monumental effort for minimal return and 
> I'll end up with a "grid" that is slower, less functional and harder to 
> use  than my standalone clusters I've decided that it is worth a shot 
> just to see if I can jump through all the various middleware and 
> metascheduling hoops.
> I'm not dumping on Globus by the way, just pointing out that it is 
> currently a 100-ton hammer written by and for people solving incredibly 
> huge "big science" type problems.
> Ideally I'd like to be able to transfer files between systems using 
> GridFTP and use globus job execution commands to start jobs that can run 
> successfully on either cluster.
> The core bits I'll need from the globus toolkit (I think...) are:
> o the security, certificate and credential handling infrasructure
> o a simpleCA implementation
> o a myproxy server/service
> o GridFTP / RFT
> o GRAM and the GRAM-SGE bindings
> o The GLOBUS:: perl modules that can talk to SGE
> The current plan is to place one Linux box at 2-3 different sites. Each 
> box will have a public internet connection as well as a connection to a 
> internal organizational network that hosts a SGE cluster. All the globus 
> stuff lives on the Linux boxes and GRAM is the glue that allows globus 
> to invoke jobs on SGE systems.
> I'm sure this has been done with Globus Toolkit v2.x and the 
> pre-webservices GRAM code. I'm interested in hearing experiences from 
> people using or testing the pre-GT4 version of the toolkit.
> Anyone? Any globus success stories with SGE?

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