[GE users] How to list possible queues

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Tue Feb 15 12:48:21 GMT 2005


> Andy Schwierskott wrote:
>>> 'qstat -f' will still list the build queue by default, which is 
>>> confusing for the users. Adding '-l build=false' to the sge_qstat file 
>>> will not work since the interpretation of conflicting resource 
>>> requirements seems to differ between qsub and qstat. E.g. 'qsub -l 
>>> build=false,build=true' will be equivalent to 'qsub -l build=true' while 
>>> 'qstat -f -l build=false,build=true' will select the empty set.
>> This is not a bug of the sge_qstat file - the same happens when you do it 
>> in
>> the command line:
>>    qstat -f -l build=true,build=false
>> or
>>    qstat -f -l build=false,build=true
>> always return en empty set.
>> The same rules like for qsub need to apply.
>> could you please file an IZ?
> I will file an IZ. Changing qstat might be a better idea than changing qsub, 
> otherwise the possibility to override default parameters in the sge_request 
> file will get lost. Or is it just me using this feature?

The current behavior just makes no sense. With the new sge_qstat file in
6.0u2 this can become a practial limitation. Btw. there's a bug with
"qselect" - "qselect" also reads reads the sge_qstat file - this is wrong
according to the doc and is not a useful behavior. I will file an IZ for

>>> 2: Forced complex variables
>>> I define a forced boolean complex variable 'build' that is true for the 
>>> build queue and undefined for the rest of the queues.
>>> qsub works fine.
>>> 'qstat -f -l build=true' will list the build queue only. 'qstat -f' will 
>>> list all queues, including the build queue.
>> yes, but's that's ok (or is there a setting in "sge_qstat" which makes you
>> expecting a different value?
> The sge_qstat file is clean. If you say qstat is ok I will accept that, but I 
> find it a bit weird. The build queue is not an option for the scheduler if it 
> provides the forced resource 'build' and the resource is not requested. So 
> why does qstat show this queue if the resource is not requested?
> Consider the following example. Given the output from qstat, it is hard to 
> see why the first qrsh fails:
> % qstat -f -l h=pml
> queuename                      qtype used/tot. load_avg arch          states
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> build at portmoller.carmen.se     BIP   0/2       0.00     lx24-x86
> % qrsh -l h=pml hostname
> Your "qrsh" request could not be scheduled, try again later.
> % qrsh -l h=pml,build hostname
> portmoller

Well, this a a valid point - I think we should get the opinion from other
users and developers to come to a better conclusion.


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