[GE users] Changing execd_spool_dir with berkeleydb spooling

Wolfgang Friebel Wolfgang.Friebel at desy.de
Thu Feb 17 12:34:28 GMT 2005

In a previous mail on a similar subject John Hearns wrote:

>I'm trying to change the execd_spool_dir
>using qconf -mconf
>"Changing parameter "execd_spool_dir" only supported in a shut-down

the following advice was given by Reuti:

This is one of the rare cases, where you have to shutdown the whole
cluster, and edit the file with an editor.

It's in $sge_root/default/common the file configuration. Then just
restart all the daemons with the "rcsge start".

Unfortunately that does not work with berkeleydb spooling. The info is 
contained in a database. I could in principle dump the database using

db_dump -p default/spool/spooldb/sge

then modifying the content, cross the fingers and restoring it back. But 
this is for sure not the recommended way. Any ideas how to change safely 
the execd_spool_dir?

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