[GE users] qsub + -S parameter

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Fri Feb 18 15:33:57 GMT 2005


when you can live with a special queue for this application, you can put 
all in a starter_method defined in the queue. The parameters there are 
just the one you gave when you submit the job. Something like:

exec abaqus python $1

Cheers - Reuti

jeroen.m.kleijer at philips.com wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to get an application (Abaqus) configured to use the SGE 
> submission mechanism.
> This application basically takes an input file, creates a <job>.com file 
> which is nothing more than a python script which needs to be submitted.
> To run this script locally you would basically enter 'abaqus python 
> <job>.com'.
> I though it would be possible to use the qsub command for this to do the 
> following:
> qsub -V -cwd -q batch.q <job>.com
> This fails because the python-script lacks the usual first line 
> '#!<path-to-abaqus-installdir>/abaqus python' so to Unix this is nothing 
> more than some garbled command/data which needs to be interpreted by the 
> default shell.
> I thought I could solve this by doing:
> qsub -V -cwd -q batch.q -S "<path-to-abaqus-installdir>/abaqus python" 
> <job>.com
> but this fails as well.
> My error messages tell me that it is still being interpreted by the 
> default shell (Korn shell in my case) and I've even tried:
> qsub -V -cwd -q batch.q -S "/bin/ksh -c 
> <path-to-abaqus-installdir>/abaqus python" <job>.com
> but even this fails with the same error messages.
> I don't really want to use the qrsh or qsh solution (which would be 
> obvious) but I have no idea why the -S solution fails.
> Any ideas anyone?
> Met vriendelijke groeten / Kind regards
> Jeroen Kleijer
> Unix Systeembeheer
> Philips Applied Technologies

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