[GE users] sge-V60u3_TAG-src.tar compilation problem

Paul Mitchell pmitchel at email.unc.edu
Tue Feb 22 20:14:19 GMT 2005

On Mon, 21 Feb 2005, Rayson Ho wrote:

> Did you make clean??
> When you change aimk flags, make sure that you do an "aimk clean" first.

This was a help, thanks. I made it through the ./aimk -spool-classic step
(though it required downloading openmotif- in order to get the
Xm include directory).

Next quandry:

I have SGE_ROOT assignre to /usr/local/sge.

If from the source directory, I enter:

 	/bin/sh ./dist/install_qmaster -afs

I get:

./dist/install_qmaster: line 34:
/dist/install_qmaster: line 34: /tmp/gridengine/source/inst_sge: No such
file or directory
./dist/install_qmaster: line 34: exec: /tmp/gridengine/source/inst_sge:
cannot execute: No such file or directory

now I can either make a soft link of dist/sge_inst in source, but that
fails, since inst_sge wants to use local directory util (which is, of
course, a directory off of dist)

So I try running install_qmaster in the dist directory:

/tmp/gridengine/source/dist/inst_sge: line 1: ./utilbin/darwin/uidgid: No
such file or directory
/tmp/gridengine/source/dist/inst_sge: line 1: ./utilbin/darwin/uidgid: No
such file or directory

Well, utilbin is actually ../utilbin (off of source, not dist) so this
also fails.

I further note that source/utilbin contains uncompiled code.  How does one
tell aimk to compile this?

Thanks in advance for any info here,

Paul Mitchell

	Paul Mitchell
	email: pmitchel at email.unc.edu
	phone: (919) 962-9778
	office: I have an office, room 14, Phillips Hall

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