[GE users] sge-V60u3_TAG-src.tar compilation problem

Paul Mitchell pmitchel at email.unc.edu
Tue Feb 22 21:20:18 GMT 2005

On Tue, 22 Feb 2005, Rayson Ho wrote:

> >(though it required downloading openmotif- in order to get
> the
> >Xm include directory).
> To get around dependency on X, use -no-qmon.

Actually Rayson, I like qmon, so I'll leave this in fo rnow.
> And also the script: scripts/distinst

I thought that was the case, and regretted sending my prior letter before
I discussed distinst.  I've tried the call below (and a call with --
common afixed)

bp03:/tmp/gridengine/source root# scripts/distinst -allall -basedir
/usr/local/sge -vdir darwin

    Installing: sge_qmaster sge_execd sge_shadowd sge_schedd sge_shepherd
sge_coshepherd qstat qsub qalter qconf qdel qacct qmod qsh utilbin jobs
qmon qhost qmake qtcsh qping distcommon
Base directory: /usr/local/sge/darwin
   OK [Y/N][Y]: Y

Installing "3rd_party/" directory tree
Installing "inst_sge", "install_qmaster" and "install_execd"
Installing "util/" directory tree
Installing "examples/jobs"
Copying Pixmaps and Qmon resource file
changing to /usr/local/sge/darwin/qmon/PIXMAPS
ln -s intro-sge.xpm intro.xpm
ln -s logo-sge.xpm logo.xpm
Installing "pvm"
Installing DRMAA include files
Installing "mpi/"
Installing "doc/"
Installing README, ... files
Installing "ckpt/"
common part done

It initially blew up on the man part, (for some reason the man pages were
not in MANSBUILD_ge. I don't really need the manpages so I altered
distinst to ignore them.  However, I do require utilbin, and for some
reason it isn't installing them, even though I emphatically told it to do
this by redefining instutilbin=true directly before the if statement. do
this with the following:

      if [ $instutilbin = true ]; then
         echo "Installing utility binaries"
         echo "---------------------------"
         for prog in $UTILITYBINARIES; do

Obviously, we're exiting after the ckpt routione, but I'm not sure why.

Paul Mitchell

	Paul Mitchell
	email: pmitchel at email.unc.edu
	phone: (919) 962-9778
	office: I have an office, room 14, Phillips Hall

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