[GE users] sge-V60u3_TAG-src.tar compilation problem

Paul Mitchell pmitchel at email.unc.edu
Tue Feb 22 21:36:51 GMT 2005

On Tue, 22 Feb 2005, Paul Mitchell wrote:

> Obviously, we're exiting after the ckpt routione, but I'm not sure why.

I can answer my own question, ARCH is undefined.  I've defined it but I
now see I have a problem from early on in my aimk.site file:

scripts/distinst -allall -basedir /usr/local/sge -vdir darwin -resetprog
darwin -- common

    Installing: common
 Architectures: darwin
Base directory: /usr/local/sge/darwin
   OK [Y/N][Y]: Y

Installing "3rd_party/" directory tree
Installing "inst_sge", "install_qmaster" and "install_execd"
Installing "util/" directory tree
Installing "examples/jobs"
Copying Pixmaps and Qmon resource file
changing to /usr/local/sge/darwin/qmon/PIXMAPS
ln -s intro-sge.xpm intro.xpm
ln -s logo-sge.xpm logo.xpm
Installing "pvm"
Installing DRMAA include files
Installing "mpi/"
Installing "ckpt/"
common part done

ARCH= darwin andhow
Checking and creating binary directories
Installing binaries for darwin from /tmp/gridengine/source/DARWIN -->
                          --> /usr/local/sge/darwin/bin/darwin
Installing utility binaries
Installing uidgid
Installing gethostname
Installing gethostbyname
Installing gethostbyaddr
Installing getservbyname
Installing filestat
Installing checkprog
Installing loadcheck
Installing now
Installing checkuser
Installing adminrun
Installing qrsh_starter
Installing testsuidroot
Installing sge_share_mon
"openssl" binary not found
Installing infotext
Installing spooldefaults
Installing spooledit
Installing spoolinit
Installing /vol2/SW/db-4.2.52/darwin/bin/berkeley_db_svc
cp: /vol2/SW/db-4.2.52/darwin/bin/berkeley_db_svc: No such file or

This command failed: cp /vol2/SW/db-4.2.52/darwin/bin/berkeley_db_svc

Installation failed. Exiting.


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