[GE users] Anyone running Schrodinger chem/modeling apps under SGE6?

Daniel Templeton Dan.Templeton at Sun.COM
Thu Feb 24 16:30:00 GMT 2005

Chris Dagdigian wrote:
> Rather than detail the Schrodinger jmonitor and jdispatch functions for 
> an uninterested list :) I thought I'd ask 2 questions:
> (1) This suite has some minimal workflow tools which require it to be 
> aware of running jobs. This requires passing the SGE job ID back to the 
> job dispatch process. This is done in their code by opening a pipe to 
> the "qsub ./master-job-script.sh" command so that the STDOUT can be 
> parsed in order to grab the jobID value. -- Has anything changed with 
> qsub in 6.0 vs 5.3 regarding it's use and behavior of STDIN and STDOUT? 
> Any new arguments need to be passed to qsub?

In 6.0 qsub is now based on JAPI, the same thing that DRMAA is based on. 
  That means that all of the internals have changed.  However, I don't 
believe that the handling of STDOUT and STDIN are any different.  If 
they are, then it is a bug.  Aside from a few new switches (-shell, 
-sync, etc.), the interface is still the same.


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