[GE users] qrsh and iptables

David S. dgs at gs.washington.edu
Fri Feb 25 03:11:13 GMT 2005

> Has anyone worked out a particularly clever way to use qrsh without 
> having to have every exec host trust all tcp from every possible submit 
> host, and vice versa?
> The process for getting an interactive login appears to involve 
> initiating the following tcp connections:
> 1) submithost:X -> qmaster:536
> 2) qmaster:536 -> exechost (previously established connection)
> 3) exechost:(seemingly random) -> submithost:X+1
> 4) submithost:X+2 -> exechost:(wherever the daemon started)
> Number 3 requires that your submit hosts allow connections from any 
> unprivledged port on any possible exec host to any local unprivledged port.
> Number 4 requires that your exec hosts allow connections from any 
> unprivledged port on any submit host to any local unprivledged port.
> In practice this means that exec hosts end up having to use a wide-open 
> iptables configuration, and that submit hosts need be wide-open to 
> anywhere that exec hosts might be. (Alternatively, you can never use 
> qrsh and just use qsub, if you can convince your users...)

That's just the 'rsh' protocol.  If you don't like it, see


David S.

> It's #3 that actually bothers me the most, as it seems like it shouldn't 
> be neccessary.  Why does the exechost send the connection port directly 
> to the submithost instead of passing it through the qmaster? I don't 
> like that you need to un-firewall submithosts in order for qrsh to work.
> Has anyone come up with any clever ways to configure this better?
> I haven't hacked at the relevant code since 5.x, but the behavior hasn't 

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