[GE users] how do i isntall SGE???

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Mon Jan 10 13:05:39 GMT 2005

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> >The idea is that jobs submitted to O200 execute on paris, pichilemu other 
> >altix using not just the first node, but the entire cluster. I think SGE
> >will work as follows:
> > 
> >  A job is submitted to O200
> >  the job goes to execution, for example, on paris
> >  the job is distributed by the qmaster on paris between the nodes
> paris2..7
> The qmaster on paris will not distribute the jobs to the end node. If I got
> you 
> in the correct way, you are thinking of a hierarchy:
> O200-submit -> qmaster O200 -> qmaster paris -> execd paris4
> This will not work. You could submit on the O200 a job, that submits your job
> to paris. But this makes not much sense.
> Are the cells near together and could in principle rearranged to contact all
> the qmaster on O200 (maybe with a routing in paris)?

 Yeap, that was what i was thinking, the cells are near together so i'll see 
if theres a way to make all cluster nodes in paris visible to O200.

> Are there all the same users on all machines?

> How will you get the results back from the nodes? You would need to copy the
> whole way back: paris2 -> paris -> O200 Where are your users picking up their
> results currently?

They are getting the results directly from paris.

> Will users still submit jobs directly on paris, or should all be done only on
> the O200 and they can request a machine of the paris (let's call it) pool?

Currently users submit jobs directly on paris, by using SGE the idea was to 
end than and give them the possibility to run their jobs on any cluster 
without them having to chek wheather the cluster was busy or not.

> Sorry, many questions - Reuti
I'm the one with many questions :), thanks for all the help.

Obviously the solution i had in mind wasn't the right one, so i'll keep 
thinking about it and if i have new questions i'll post them. Thanks for all 
the help.


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