[GE users] SGE6.0u1 and user hold and -sync issue

Wilfried Gaensheimer wilfried at gaensheimer.de
Tue Jan 11 15:51:01 GMT 2005


after upgrading to SGE6.0u1, I came across two issues:

1. After submitting a job with -h (user hold), the same user cannot 
release this job:

$ qsub -h ../template/grid_test.sh -delay 10 1
Your job 53 ("grid_test.sh") has been submitted
$ qrls 53
denied: "wig" must be manager to remove manager hold.

It seems to work through qmon, though.

2. According to the man page, a "qsub -sync SKRIPT" will wait until
the batch job finishes and return with the exit status of the batch job.
In my case qsub waits, reports the correct exit status, but itself return 
an exit status of 0? This feature would be highly required for
usage in Makefiles:

$ qsub -sync y ../template/grid_test.sh -delay 10 1
Your job 54 ("grid_test.sh") has been submitted.
Job 54 exited with exit code 1.
$ echo $?

This happens on Solaris and Linux.

I couldn't find matching entries in the issue database.
Anyone else seeing the same?

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