[GE users] consumable question

Kirk Patton kpatton at transmeta.com
Wed Jan 12 20:40:44 GMT 2005


I have a user that has two types of jobs they would like to submit.  I will
call these groups 'A' & 'B'.  The jobs from either group may be from other
users, but the dispatch conditions should remain the same reguardless of other
consideration like fairshare.  It is a boolean decision on job dispatch.

When any of the jobs from group 'A' are running, no new jobs from group 'B'
should be dispatched.

I briefly considered using a job dependancy, but that would require the user
to look though all of the running jobs to determine if any are from the
other group.

Is it possible to set some complex value at submission time and base the next 
job dispatch on it?


Kirk Patton
Unix Administrator
Transmeta Inc.
Tel. 408 919-3055

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