[GE users] 1-CPU job in parallel environment

Wolfgang Dobler Wolfgang.Dobler at ucalgary.ca
Thu Jan 13 01:06:44 GMT 2005

I have a user who wants to do serial runs with an application that
requires MPI even for those. Our parallel environment `lam' starts up lam-mpi
for the given number of nodes and stops it after the job.

If he tries to submit his job with

  qsub -pe lam 1 test.csh

in order to have sge start up lam-mpi for him, he gets

  Unable to run job: error: no suitable queues.

Is it true that a parallel environment cannot be used with less than two

Here's the pe configuration

  pe_name           lam
  slots             500
  user_lists        NONE
  xuser_lists       NONE
  start_proc_args   /usr/local/bin/wd-lam-sge start
  stop_proc_args    /usr/local/bin/wd-lam-sge stop
  allocation_rule   2
  control_slaves    FALSE
  job_is_first_task TRUE
  urgency_slots     min

I tried other allocation_rules, but without success.

We are using gridengine 6.0u1

W o l f g a n g

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