[GE users] Reservations ?

Andrew Mellanby mel at mcs.vuw.ac.nz
Wed Jan 19 20:58:27 GMT 2005

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Is it possible with SGE for a user to make reservations ?
That is can you book a block of processors for a particular time
interval for use by a particular user, even if they haven't got any jobs
ready to submit.
For example, suppose someone has a job which they know will take 20
hours on 100 processors, is there any mechanism built into SGE which
they can use to guarantee that 100 processors will be available for them
to use say between 8am Monday and 8am Tuesday ?
I suppose something could be done with scheduling priorities, switch
every other users processes down to low priority during that period. But
is there anything currently in SGE which implements that sort of
reservation mechanism ?


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