[GE users] Reservations ?

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Wed Jan 19 22:19:01 GMT 2005

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> Is it possible with SGE for a user to make reservations ?
> That is can you book a block of processors for a particular time
> interval for use by a particular user, even if they haven't got any jobs
> ready to submit.
> For example, suppose someone has a job which they know will take 20
> hours on 100 processors, is there any mechanism built into SGE which
> they can use to guarantee that 100 processors will be available for them
> to use say between 8am Monday and 8am Tuesday ?

what strategy you are looking for in detail - what should happen to the already 
running jobs? Although it's possible to reserve some resources in advance for 
your jobs to be available, it's not bound to a special time.

But anyway: you could simply submit your job to be executed at 8 am (this can 
be defined) to a special queue and a) hold all the running job by suspending 
them and get the processors for your job, or b) use some kind of checkpointing, 
to get all jobs out of the system at all and restart them after your 20 hrs job 

Another possibility might be to use the calendar function to dry out some 
machines by suspending the queues (and not the jobs), i.e. don't let any new 
jobs in (but this is not on an end-user level of the queueing system).

What should happen, if someone else requests the cluster from 12 pm to 18 pm on 
Monday for 100 CPUs? Should your job run longer than estimated to get the 6 hrs 
back, or refuse the second request?

Cheers - Reuti

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