[GE users] Reservations ?

Stephan Grell stephan.grell at sun.com
Thu Jan 20 08:15:00 GMT 2005

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you are asking for Advanced Reservation. This is something we do not 
have. We have Resource Reservation (RR).
This means, that a big job, which you submit to the grid with RR 
enabled, will get a reservation from the scheduler.
This reservation is fixed, until a job with a higher priority than the 
big job gets into the grid.

Does it help?


Mark Westwood wrote:

> Andrew
> GE v6... has something called 'advanced reservations' which give you 
> the functionality you want.  The documentation is available from the 
> usual source.  We're intending to upgrade next month (yes, slow aren't 
> we ?) in part to use this new feature.  I expect plenty of the other 
> regulars on this list already have experience they could share.
> Regards
> Mark
> Andrew Mellanby wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Is it possible with SGE for a user to make reservations ?
>> That is can you book a block of processors for a particular time
>> interval for use by a particular user, even if they haven't got any jobs
>> ready to submit.
>> For example, suppose someone has a job which they know will take 20
>> hours on 100 processors, is there any mechanism built into SGE which
>> they can use to guarantee that 100 processors will be available for them
>> to use say between 8am Monday and 8am Tuesday ?
>> I suppose something could be done with scheduling priorities, switch
>> every other users processes down to low priority during that period. But
>> is there anything currently in SGE which implements that sort of
>> reservation mechanism ?
>> Andrew

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