[GE users] Job submission speed through DRMAA api.

Kevin Ruland kruland at ku.edu
Thu Jan 20 12:47:02 GMT 2005

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Ron:  I understand the difference you are looking for.  I am calling 
submission speed the time from drmaa_init, to the return from drmaa_run_job.

Alas there appears to be a significant difference between qsub and drmaa 
in job submission.  I haven't tried to dermine if there is a difference 
in dispatching.

 From the command line I'm doing this:

qsub -p 0 -b yes -shell no -w e sleeper.sh

the command line time tool tells me it returns in < 0.1 second.

I then compiled howto2.c and its complete run too about 6 seconds.  
Recall that howto.c does the following:
  drmaa_set_attribute - remote command

This takes between 4 and 6 seconds to execute.

I notices that some time happened between the printf with the jobid and 
the program termination, so I cut out the delete_job_template and exit 
calls and the time is at about 3.5seconds.

I've the copy of the c source which doesn't shut down drmaa gracefully.


Kevin Ruland wrote:

> All,
> My situation is a little more complex than I first let on. First I'm 
> not using DRMAA directly, but rather through python swig wrappers.  So 
> I need to figure out what I'm doing in there, recode in straight C and 
> see if there is any significant difference.  So I don't have a nice 
> test case yet.
> I also don't have hard numbers.  It's all a feeling now.
> Kevin
> Ron Chen wrote:
>> Kevin,
>> Do you have a testcase?
>> Also, is it the submission speed that is slow, or the
>> job dispatch speed that is slow? They are very
>> different, so may be you can tell us more about how
>> you discovered the speed problem.
>> -Ron
>> --- Stephan Grell <stephan.grell at sun.com> wrote:

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#include <stdio.h>
#include "drmaa.h"

int main (int argc, char **argv) {
  int errnum = 0;
  drmaa_job_template_t *jt = NULL;
  errnum = drmaa_init (NULL, error, DRMAA_ERROR_STRING_BUFFER);

  if (errnum != DRMAA_ERRNO_SUCCESS) {
    fprintf (stderr, "Could not initialize the DRMAA library: %s\n", error);
    return 1;

  errnum = drmaa_allocate_job_template (&jt, error, DRMAA_ERROR_STRING_BUFFER);

  if (errnum != DRMAA_ERRNO_SUCCESS) {
    fprintf (stderr, "Could not create job template: %s\n", error);
    return 1;

  errnum = drmaa_set_attribute (jt, DRMAA_REMOTE_COMMAND, "sleeper.sh",

  if (errnum != DRMAA_ERRNO_SUCCESS) {
    fprintf (stderr, "Could not set attribute \"%s\": %s\n",
    return 1;


  errnum = drmaa_run_job (jobid, DRMAA_JOBNAME_BUFFER, jt, error,

  if (errnum != DRMAA_ERRNO_SUCCESS) {
    fprintf (stderr, "Could not submit job: %s\n", error);
    return 1;
  printf ("Your job has been submitted with id %s\n", jobid);

  return 0;

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