[GE users] Cleanup on Rescheduling and Deleting

Dan Gruhn Dan.Gruhn at Group-W-Inc.com
Fri Jan 21 21:34:03 GMT 2005

Greetings everyone,

I am using the latest 6.0u3 on Fedora Core 1.  My jobs run on multiple
hosts/cpus and build a temporary directory structure to use while
running and then delete them when they finish.

I would like the script to be able to delete the directory structure if
it is deleted or rescheduled, but can't seem to find a way for them to
be notified before they are killed.

In my testing, I've noticed that when recheduling a job, the old job
continues running for 5-15 seconds after the new job starts up.  This
means that the standard and error outputs get mixed with one or the
other of the jobs winning.  That is, you don't get both, you get some of
one and some of the other.

This overlapping seems like a bad thing to me.  As for getting
notification, I've tried all the signals I can think of but perhaps I
have missed something.

Any suggestions anyone?

Dan Gruhn
Member Technical Staff
Group W Inc.
Dan.Gruhn at Group-W-Inc.com

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