[GE users] Proposal for an improvement in script inst_sge

Wolfgang Friebel Wolfgang.Friebel at desy.de
Tue Jan 25 14:08:12 GMT 2005

On Tue, 25 Jan 2005, Marco Donauer wrote:

> Wolfgang,
> but the configuration is always the same.
> Making a qconf -mconf I always got the same entries, concerning the afs mode
> and the bootstrap file has the same security_mode entry for both install 
> option orders. (inst_sge -m -afs / inst_sge -afs -m)
> So I can't reproduce what varibales are overwritten during the argument 
> parsing.

here is how it does go wrong: (inst_sge -m -afs)

in the script source/dist/inst_sge you process the option -m first (line 
in the next but one line the command
    . ./util/install_modules/inst_qmaster.sh
is executed. Please search for the variable AFS in that script. You will
see that $AFS is used in several places. As this is not set (yet) nothing
will be done that is AFS specific.

Then the option -afs is processed (line 228). At this point AFS=true is
set, which is to late to have an effect on inst_qmaster.sh

Similarly inst_qmaster.sh uses other variables (e.g. CSP in line 575) 
that do have the same negative effects concerning ordering of options.

Other parts of the inst_sge script do also source scripts (options -um, 
-x, -ux, -sm, -db, -upd and -updatedb) which themselves may again make use 
of variables that are set in inst_sge.

As the processing of options is done early in the script, I do not see how 
you could get the same results if you did call inst_sge -m -afs instead of
inst_sge -afs -m, however I did not try that recently.

Therefore my proposal to process all options first, that do only set 
variables and then process the switches that do source other scripts.

Best regards
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