[GE users] Suspending jobs submitted with -notify

Olle Liljenzin olle at carmen.se
Fri Jan 28 10:05:21 GMT 2005

I have problems with jobs submitted with 'qsub -notify' getting killed 
when suspending them with 'qmod -sj'.

I have set up a trap for all signals that can be caught. When the job is 
suspended it reports that SIGUSR1 was caught, but in the next moment the 
process it is just gone. The only reason I can see for that it 
dissappers would be that it directly after SIGUSR1 gets a second signal 
that kills the process.

Suspending a job that was submitted with 'qrsh -notify' work as 
expected. The process gets a SIGUSR1 and after a while it falls into sleep.

Is it something I should change in the configuration or is it just that 
I don't understand how it is supposed to work?

I'm running version 6.0u3 and I have tried it on Linux, Solaris, AIX and 
HP-UX with the same result.

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